ECOA - Enhanced Opt-in Email Marketing

As fresh Email Marketing Trends are coming up, it is becoming better every day to manage contact with prospects and reliable customers with just a click. Moreover, with Opt-in Email Marketing, one can avoid non-responsive, undeliverable or bounce back of Emails due to inactive email address.

Thus E-mail Change of Address (ECOA) technology assists you in updating the prospects and customer e-mail database by detecting the invalid e-mails and updating them with the latest valid and accurate ones. E-mail Change of Address (ECOA) technology provides cost-effective Direct Mailing Lists solution to retain your existing customers than acquire new ones.


  • Fresh and updated e-mail addresses with quality ECOA Credit Report.
  • Highly reliable data accuracy for managing Direct mailing Lists.
  • Ability to reconnect with lost customers with ECOA Credit Report.
  • Cost-effective with high customer acquisition rates and retention rates.
  • Avoid blacklisting of Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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